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A Longtime Preferred Fishbowl Partner
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Compatible with Fishbowl 2016.12

"With LilyPad, my sales people are entering orders directly, savings us over 20 hours per week clerical time with less order entry errors and immediate customer confirmation."

- Gotham Wine Group, NY
Ted Wilson, Executive VP

With LilyPad you get the ability to:

  • Expand your Fishbowl inventory system to remote users through today's mobile devices (SmartPhones, Tablets, Laptops)
  • Turn your mobile device into a Fishbowl workstation - get immediate inventory, pricing, and order status information!
  • Allow your customers to log in and place orders remotely

LilyPad allows you to:

  • Enter orders into Fishbowl as estimates or issued orders
  • Access real time inventory by location
  • Apply all Fishbowl pricing rules
  • Create new customers remotely
  • Sales people only see their customers -not your entire customer base
  • Schedule order import or send manually to Fishbowl
  • Complete password protection
  • User rights assigned by Fishbowl administrator