The first sales and auto-billing software built specifically for small and medium sized Third-Party Logistics companies and their customers. A one-stop resource for auto-billing and order placement at a price that fits your budget.

As a LilyPad 3PL User

  • Instantly create a fully-functioning auto-billing platform that takes the hassle out of the monthly billing process
  • 4 types of reports/billing options included
  • Additional reports can be customized for your business needs
  • Put your business on your customers’ phone, tablet, laptop and desktop for ease of order placement
Auto Billing

LilyPad 3PL Customers

  • Your customers can log in and easily place orders for their customers
  • Submitted orders transfer automatically to your Fishbowl database
  • Your customers can shop by category - controlled directly from your Fishbowl Product Tree
  • Create “Punch Out” sites where customers see only the Products or Categories available to them
  • You decide what inventory each of your customers have access to
3rd Party Logistics

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