Custom Fishbowl Reports

The operation of the Fishbowl Inventory System makes the transactions and functions of your business run more efficiently and effectively. But is that all a system does? Transactions and processes create data that needs to be turned into useful information. This is the function of a report. A report takes data from the system and organizes it so that it becomes information you can use.

Experience in creating Custom Reports

Sharpe has the programming experience to get the information out of your system and onto whatever you need: paper, label, a dashboard- we’ve done it all. Many custom Fishbowl reports can be scheduled to generate each morning and land in your employees’ inboxes. We can also create custom multi-level Fishbowl reports which analyze underlying trends, or complex custom Fishbowl labels which meet the stringent scanning requirements of regulated industries.

Custom Fishbowl reports can be many types:

  • They can be labels that provide information to your customers in a format that they specify, or labels with barcodes that allow you to use mobile scanning software to ensure accuracy. Labels can become an integral part of your warehousing and operations activities, as long as you have the correct labels.
  • They can be the documents you share with your Vendors and Customers. A custom Fishbowl report can allow you to provide up-to-date information to your Customers or Vendors that can help improve communication and efficiencies across the board.
  • They can be Management guideposts derived from your understanding of the numbers in your business. The more understanding you have about your business and the numbers that are involved, the more power you have to make important decisions about your business. A custom Fishbowl report can give you the edge you need to move to the next level in the development of your business.
  • They can be status reports to point your people in the correct direction. An informed sales team can help bring in more revenue. Or, a warehouse manager that has the right information at their fingertips can improve warehouse functionality and help eliminate mistakes.
  • The possibilities are nearly endless for custom Fishbowl reports. If you can imagine it, and the information is within the Fishbowl database, a report can be generated to give you the information you need. Whatever you may consider a report, they share the same creation – taking the information from your system and displaying it in a manner which best suits the intended purpose.

Do you need Fishbowl Custom Reports?

Every system comes with lots of reports – Fishbowl Inventory Software contains all the standard reports you can expect, and then some. However, your business is unique, and because of that, you are probably going to need a number of customizations on a standard report, or the creation of a new custom Fishbowl report.

When do you need a Custom Fishbowl Report?

  • When you look at a Standard report and say “if it only did this”...
  • When you take the information from a standard report and export it to another application in order to get to the conclusions you need...
  • When your Customer supplies you with the format of a label or shipping document you need to follow in order to have your goods received

How we can help you implement your custom reports

What separates Sharpe from other programming outlets is our ability to understand the business requirements of the custom Fishbowl report, as well as our unmatched experience with Fishbowl Inventory Software. Expertise and experience become a powerful combination to make the most of your software investment.

Custom Inventory Availability Report
Jasper Report - Small Label
Shipping Invoice Report

What Our Customers Say

We very much appreciated Mark’s extensive manufacturing background and his extensive knowledge of Fishbowl as well as his experience with the integration points with both Magento and QuickBooks. And as Mark (nor Sharpe Concepts) is not affiliated directly with Magento, Fishbowl, or Intuit he was able to provide us with an unbiased and experienced view of each system. Finally, Mark’s sense of humor was greatly appreciated by the team. In a session that could have otherwise been tense he immediately diffused any sense of angst within minutes.

Sharpe Concepts has been extremely responsive to our needs. They have worked with us to enhance the LilyPad interface to be a robust system that checks and controls many things that were not originally in the interface. They are fast, reasonably priced and extremely knowledgeable in all parts of the systems.

I wanted to express my thanks to Sharpe Concepts and especially Phil Bruno for your assistance with FishBowl Inventory. Your staff has helped us immensely with implementation of our manufacturing module and the creation of bill of materials and manufacturing orders. We now have this system running in our medical device production area and can track our product flow. Mr. Bruno also helped us with our sales order processing and shipping processes, showing us how to take advantage of some other Fishbowl features. Most recently, Sharpe helped us tie our GL accounts from Fishbowl to our QuickBooks software to eliminate a few accounting problems we were experiencing.

Sharpe Concepts has helped us successfully integrate Fishbowl and QuickBooks. Their staff is responsible and knowledgeable. They have been providing consistently good service with great attitudes. Sharpe Concepts makes timely responses to our requests. And the fact they provide on-site training is a nice bonus too.

Renaissance's Specialty Foods business engagement's with Sharpe Concepts has been a great experience. The LilyPad program has been a great saver for us and my sales reps love the fact that they have all the information on their fingertips out on the field.

Sal and his staff have been extremely helpful and responsive to all our needs thus far and are constantly working with us to improve the functionality of the program.

I believe that LilyPad is an excellent add-on value to Fishbowl and I strongly recommend for companies like mine to use since the benefits and cost savings are great.

It was refreshing to finally work with a group of individuals such as your team to really understand the capability as well as the limitations of Fishbowl.

I believe Sharpe Concepts deserves to be recognized for providing customer service and support well beyond expectations. We highly recommend them to any existing and potential Fishbowl Customers.

I have been a Sharpe Concepts customer for about 18 months now and very satisfied with their product, price, and customer service. The LilyPad integration takes half the time as the original connector did with our site and we have double the amount of products now. The price was up front no add-ons or fees and when I call their office they answer the phone or get back to me as soon as possible. I have read blogs and threads and we are not the only company to have this opinion. This letter serves as my recommendation for Sharpe Concepts as your preferred partner in website.

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