Compatible with all Fishbowl Versions through 2024.5 - Existing users of LilyPad who are on Fishbowl version 23.10 or older must contact LilyPad Support prior to upgrading to a new version of Fishbowl

Bringing the power of eCommerce to Fishbowl

With LilyPad Multi-Cart

  • Seamless connection to popular shopping carts
  • Ability to add additional shopping carts as needed
  • User interface allows for 24/7 access to monitor transactions
  • Ability to turn on/off order download, order tracking update, inventory update
  • Easy-to-use scheduling feature to determine the starting date and frequency of processes per cart
  • Perfect for 3PL companies who fulfill for multiple partners
  • Cost-effective strategy for selling through multiple channels, using a one-step management console
  • Hosted and supported by LilyPad Applications on a secure portal
  • Multiple carts communicating to Fishbowl utilizing a single Fishbowl license
  • Interface can be accessed and controlled from your desktop, or on mobile devices
  • Multiple users can monitor the platform at the same time
  • Comprehensive reports for all phases of operations to easily determine successes and failures of each cart

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