Release 1.8.0 - June 25, 2020

  • Compatibility with Fishbowl 20.5
  • 3PL Sales and Auto Billing Add-On feature
  • Overall speed enhancements
  • Improvement to Product Images Sync
  • Redesign to Product Quickviews
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue related to location group selection for a customer’s orders in checkout
  • Customer creation modal was not navigating correctly
  • Image sync problems with 20.5
  • Code appearing at the top of the screen

Release 1.7.5 - November 12, 2019

  • Compatibility with Fishbowl 19.10
  • Add infrastructure for saved orders custom reports
  • Map Transfer Orders Custom Field to a note field
  • Refresh site cache daily
  • Restrict shipping address by type
  • Select default lookback period for Saved Orders and Submitted Orders
  • Pagination on Submitted Orders page
  • Option to use an email address as a username
Bug Fixes
  • Issue with PDFs on auto-emails sent at checkout
  • Sending the auto-email at checkout would miss out on insertion control characters
  • Issue regarding duplicating orders with multiple stacked kits of variable size
  • Problem with ampersands in customer search bar
  • Nondescriptive validation errors when saving shipping matrix
  • Issue with categories not refreshing properly on site cache
  • Display billing type address on checkout for the billing section
  • Changing manager view back to original value would not reset to base user

Release 1.7.0 - August 22, 2019

  • Compatibility with Fishbowl 19.7
  • Loading default values for SO Item types C/R & D/S
  • Ability to change tax rates on an order
  • Speed improvements on category and cart pages
  • Ability to view weights and dimensions per line item
  • Option to choose quickship at checkout
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue with price override and pricing rules
  • Line item notes being deleted or cutoff
  • Saving shipping matrix had issues with page redirects
  • Totaling issues regarding credit returns
  • Product page breadcrumbs now match correct path for user-assigned access

Release 1.6.8 - May 23, 2019

  • Compatibility with Fishbowl 19.5
  • Create and Issue Transfer Orders
  • Item Notes on the 4” Receipt
  • Scan Quantity of 1 Option Added for quicker scanning
  • States tied to countries are only displayed under that country in checkout
  • New Schema for the LILYPADID for Vortex order tracking
  • Default Report now has line item notes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with missing check numbers on payments
  • Batch Scheduler was duplicating orders under certain circumstances
  • Fixed numerous display errors for pricing around the site regarding currency and negatives
  • Saving new Users in Vortex would drop certain data
  • Added error message when trying to load login page without Data-View enabled user
  • Product Duplication Bug when spamming enter on cart page
  • Null Item Notes are no longer displayed
  • Missing Significant Figures on Accept Payment Modal
  • Kit Pricing Error Fixed
  • Menu Navigation on Orders Page wouldn’t work once loaded
  • Preventing the scientific notation encoding of UPC values
  • $0 Dollar Line Items would cause an issue when added to the cart or updated

Release 1.6.1 - October 18, 2018

  • Compatibility with Fishbowl 18.10
  • Allow for multiple lines on new shipping addresses during checkout
  • Various Speed and Performance Enhancements
  • Support for Fishbowl Canada Date Locale Format
  • Addition of new setting called "Calculate Price by Cart" to improve site performance regarding pricing rules
    • This feature will only fetch pricing rules when items are added to the cart allowing listed product pages to display with higher performance
  • Release notes now available via a popup after login
Bug Fixes
  • Repaired line item delete action on cart page redirecting to home page
  • Fixed third and final tab on shipping settings table
  • Prevents invalid checkout button on failed order export
  • Decimal Quantities on Products that use uom 'ea' are rounded to integers. The rest can be a decimal quantity.
  • Fixed Issue with Syncing Payments

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