Compatible with all Fishbowl Versions through 2024.5 - Existing users of LilyPad who are on Fishbowl version 23.10 or older must contact LilyPad Support prior to upgrading to a new version of Fishbowl

The first sales software built specifically for small and medium sized B2B companies, their customers, and their sales team. A one-stop resource for today’s sales process at a price that fits your budget.

As a FishBowl User

  • Instantly create a fully-functioning customer portal to expand your sales to 24/7
  • Allow outside Salespeople to place orders directly into Fishbowl
  • Put your business on your customers’ phone, tablet, laptop and desktop for ease of order placement

LilyPad Vortex Highlights

  • Perfect for Route Sales, Trade Shows or 3PL applications
  • Users log in and see their specific Pricing from your Fishbowl Pricing Rules
  • Allow users to shop by category -controlled directly from your Fishbowl Product Tree
  • Create “Punch Out” sites where users see only the Products or Categories they can purchase
  • Highlight “Featured” or “Sale” products
  • Process payments directly for Customers without Terms
This is a real Business to Business Solution, not a stripped down B2C application. Designed from the ground up for the way we do business today

-Paul Rossi, President, Bronx Toys

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